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About Infinity Properties NYC

Unique opportunities. Quality development. Maximized return.

Infinity Properties NYC is a real estate investment firm focused on the acquisition and development of residential properties in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Experienced investors with a strong passion for NYC real estate and finance, the Infinity team brings a unique entrepreneurial perspective and a dynamic spirit to an equally unique and dynamic market.

Ten years ago, owner Isaac was working as an investment broker when he stumbled upon an incredible investment opportunity. After his employers turned it down, Isaac did not let shortsightedness get in the way of success — he took the deal, and Infinity Properties was born. Since that first investment ten years ago, Infinity has bought and renovated over 40 residential properties across Brooklyn’s many neighborhoods with stops in the Bronx along the way.

Infinity’s strong track record for identifying strategic opportunities in the fastest-growing NYC neighborhoods should not be outdone by its even stronger commitment to quality. Facing the reality of NYC’s crowded residential spaces, Infinity prioritizes smart, innovative design and high quality construction to combat potential damage before it happens, including fire-resistant concrete insulation in all developments. In addition, Infinity builds “green” to ensure long term savings on energy use and costs, and finishes all renovations with beautiful high-end European appliances.